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WordPerfect v4.1 ©1990 WordPerfect Corporation for Commodore Amiga

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WordPerfect for the Commodore Amiga
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WordPerfect v4.1.12
Copyright 1989, 1990 WordPerfect Corporation

WordPerfect for the Amiga contains all the features that have made the PC version the best selling word processing program worldwide. In addition, it allows you to open up to 32 windows, provides pull-down menus, offers multi-tasking abilities, and takes full advantage of the Amiga’s unique attributes. For the touch typist, WordPerfect can be driven directly from the keyboard; those who prefer using a mouse have access to all WordPerfect features as well.

Align on any character • Automatic foot/endnotes • Auto formatting on screen • Auto page numbering • Block features such as append, bold, delete, move, save, underline, and case conversion • Bold and underline text • Center text • Date set/format/insertion • File management • Flush right • Headers and footers • Hyphenation, automatic prompting • Indent left and left/right • Index generation • Macros • Mail merge • Outline generation • Overstrike • Paragraph numbering • Redline and strikeout • Right justification • Search and replace with confirm • Spell checker with 115,000 words • Super/Subscripts • Table of contents • Text columns (2 styles) • Thesaurus • Widow/orphan protection


  • Amiga 500, 1000, 2000, etc.
    Operating System
  • AmigaDOS
  • 512Kb minimum, additional memory can be used.
  • One 3.5” disk drive (Two drives recommended)
    Copy Protection
  • None

Comes with Hardshell Slipcase, 650+ page Manual in 3-Ring Binder, Keyboard Overlay
and Original Install Disks Tested in Excellent Working Condition!

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