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Aegis Animator and Aegis Images ©1985 Aegis Development Inc. for Commodore Amiga

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Aegis Animator v1.2 and Aegis Images v1.2g for Commodore Amiga
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Aegis Animator v1.2
Copyright 1985 Aegis Development, Inc.

Aegis Animator will turn your Amiga computer into a full function animation workstation capable of creating any type of moving computer/video storyboard. Designed for use by the graphics professional, artist, video post production company, or the Amiga hobbiest, Aegis Animator makes use of a unique process called “tweening” which allows movement and change within each segment of the animation.

PUT YOUR IDEAS IN MOTION • Aegis Animator allows you to create different shapes on the screen and then animate them in a variety of ways. The size, color, shape, and relative position of an object may be changed individually or all at once. Additionally, Animator allows global control of settings such as the shade of a color or the speed at which the animation runs.

With Aegis Animator you can communicate ideas that require more than a static picture to express. It’s a business tool for building continuous demonstrations or eye catching advertisements. It’s a creative tool for letting your artistic side shine through. Animator is whatever you want it to be. Once you’ve created an animation, send it to a VCR for titling, special effects, cartoons, storyboard presentations, and much more!

Along with creating animated scripts, you can create detailed backdrops using Aegis Images paint system. With Images, you can create paintings with as many as 32 different colors out of a possible 4096. You can mix and change the colors on the palette to get exactly the colors you want. You can paint circles, rectangles, and polygons as well as free hand painting. There are 20 different brushes and 16 patterns available, and they can be modified to your custom design.

EASY TO USE EVEN FOR BEGINNERS! • Aegis Animator is so easy to learn, you'll be using it within a minute or two of loading it into your Amiga’s memory. Once you get the hang of creating animations, you can begin to take advantage of the programs sophisticated metamorphic functions for creating animated scripts that will dazzle even hard core professionals! Combined with a visual backdrop using Aegis Images paint system, Aegis Animator allows you to animate your imagination.

Aegis Images v1.2g
Copyright 1985 Aegis Development, Inc.

Aegis Images has been designed to meet the needs of professional artists, graphic designers, students, and Amiga hobbyists. Created for Aegis Development, Inc., by the nations leading graphics company, Island Graphics, Images is the professional's choice in graphics software for the Amiga. Images allows you to create paintings with as many as 32 separate colors out of an available palette of 4096. You may mix and change the colors to get the exact shade you need. You may draw circles, rectangles, and other shapes as well as draw freehand. There are 20 different brushes and 16 patterns available, and each can be modified to your custom design.

    Some of Images advanced features include:
  • Fatbits Zoom - to work on an area of the painting bit by bit
  • Pattern Editor - allows you to create up to 16 custom patterns
  • Brush Editor - you can create up to 16 custom brushes
  • Mirrors - for selecting mirror effects while painting
  • Objects - circles, lines, boxes, rectangles, and more
  • Fast Menu - allows you to work with colors and tools on-screen
  • Smear - allows you to blend colors together for special effects
  • Antialias - for smoothing the effect of a color
  • Frame - allows you to select an area and enlarge it, shrink it, or rotate it, cut, copy, and drag it
  • Swap - allows you to work on two separate paintings at the same time
  • Grids - can be superimposed over the painting for accurate placement
  • Airbrush - with an adjustable nozzle and density for custom patterns
  • Transparency - for subtle placement of colors
  • Wash - to soften the contrast between adjacent colors (watercolors)
  • Color Cycling - up to four independent channels for cycling colors
  • Gradient Fill & Dithering - allows you to fill objects with multiple colors
  • Tile Drawing - allows creation of patterns larger than the 8 X 8 pixel area
  • Pantograph Drawing - for subtle and creative duplication of images
  • Multiple Resolutions - you decide: more colors or more resolution
  • Line Constraints - to specify the angle of degree that lines may radiate
Because Images gives you so many graphic tools, you can create anything from an impressionist painting to a scientific design. Images runs with either the Amiga CLI or the Intuition Workbench. It allows multitasking (based on available memory) and supports a variety of printers including the Diablo C-150 and Okidata color printers. If you can image it, you can paint it!
    Hardware Requirements:
  • Amiga Computer
  • 512k or more of RAM
  • 1 Floppy Disk Drive
    Hardware Options:
  • 2 MB or more of RAM
  • Second Disk Drive
  • Hard Disk Drive
  • Genlock

Comes with Box, 100 page Inside Aegis Animator Manual,
94 page Inside Aegis Images Manual and Original Install Disk in Excellent Condition!

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