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Superplan Spreadsheet v1.02 ©1989 Precision Software for Commodore Amiga

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Superplan v1.02
Spreadsheet | Time Management | Business Graphics for Commodore Amiga

Superplan v1.02
Copyright 1989 Precision Software Limited

Power Spreadsheet
   Use the advantages of the Amiga for powerful spreadsheet operation. Activate your spreadsheet functions from convenient pull down menus, on-screen function buttons or standard slash commands. Run multiple windows for the same operation: simple redisplay commands show graphs change as you change the underlying data. Set the dynamic Help feature to run in its own window, and pull it to the front whenever you need it. You can even edit the menu file to add your own preferred menu options, and use the comprehensive macro language to program complete applications from data entry through to reports, setting up your own slash menus.
   Superplan’s ARexx support allows for free exchange of data with other programs — Superplan integrates fully with Superbase Professional, the most powerful Amiga database. Using Arexx you can use the extensive graphics capabilities of Superplan to generate graphs from Superbase data, then send them back to display in Superbase!
   Spreadsheet dimensions stretch to 2048 rows by 1024 columns—Superplan provides full color output to a wide range of printers and plotters — even sideways and compressed for clear output of extended timeplans or spreadsheets.
   And that’s not all. This full featured spreadsheet provides unparalleled time management features to track time, as well as money and other resources to give a complete picture of your project plans.

Project Management
   Type details such as staff assignments into the standard spreadsheet format, and calculate time tables from these. Print out wall planners to show jobs and timetables at a glance. Or produce graphs to show this information in many visual ways: the percentage of the total man hours for a particular job in a pie chart, a Cost vs Profit comparison in a stacked bar chart.

Critical Path Analysis
   Chart the steps of a project to visually portray the critical elements and timings. The powerful spreadsheet analysis features automatically adjust the critical path to reflect any changes you make to the timings.

   In the home it gives you a clear picture of your day to day finances, home and car maintenance projects.
   In business it is the most comprehensive planning and analysis program on the market today.
   Superplan...for everyone who has to co-ordinate money, time and other resources to make the most of what's available.
Cashflow analysis and budgeting
Project planning and monitoring
Staff assignments and holidays
Product launches and campaigns
Preparation and consolidation of management accounts
Job scheduling and costing

  • 2048 rows x 1024 columns
  • Full color support for user selection for borders, cursor, rows, columns, protected cells, commands and background
  • Reads Superbase, Lotus 1-2-3, dBase, DIF, CSV and text files
  • Full color output to a full range of printers and plotters
  • Sideways printing for clear output of long time plans or spreadsheets
  • Help — continuous prompt line help plus over 150 context sensitive screens
  • Full use of function keys
  • User defined ‘macros’ for single key execution of repeated operations
  • Consolidation — either ‘once only’ or permanent from other worksheet files
  • Spreadsheet
  • 74 mathematical, logical, statistical, financial and calendar functions available
  • “What-If” tables including variables give powerful modeling capability
  • Simple commands entered directly into the worksheet cells define job records to schedule activities to resources
  • Project scheduling made easy with automatic calculation and display of critical activities and floats
  • Graphics
  • Pie (single or multiple), bar (floating, stacked, clustered, linked, 3d percentage, horizontal or vertical), Gantt, line, step, tick, scatter, spread, independent x-y, logarithmic scaling, text slides
  • 5 independent titles: 128 independent free-format annotation lines
  • 10 character fonts, 10 sizes all on screen and hardcopy
  • Up to 4 graph windows per page, either portrait or landscape
  • Full axis (including second Y axis) and grid control. Log axes
  • Full color support of screens, up to 10 color output to plotters and matrix printers
  • Graph commands entered directly into worksheet cells

For all Amiga computers with at least 1MB of RAM. Workbench 1.3 or above.

Comes with Box, 348+ page Manual,
Fold out Quick Reference and Original Install Disks in Excellent Condition!

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