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Superbase Personal v1.0 ©1987 Precision Software for Commodore Amiga

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Superbase Personal v1.0
Relational Database System for Commodore Amiga


Superbase Personal v1.0
Copyright 1986-1987 Precision Software Limited

First in a new generation of database systems, Superbase Personal benefits from the latest ideas in ease of use - pull-down menus, multiple windows, point-to-click selections — as well as the full power of relational database management.
Easy to set up
Type in your field names, add details like length or date style. With the easy-to-understand menu selections and control panels, you can create a database in minutes. What's more, you can alter your formats at any time without disturbing the data already held on file.
Manage your data
Superbase displays your data in easy-to-read tables or page by page in Form view. There's practically no limit to the number of fields in a record, but you have full control over what you choose to show. Select fields, select index, then use VCR style controls to view your data - fast forward, rewind, pause or stop - it’s as easy as playing a tape. A unique Filter system lets you select and work with any category of records from your file.
Working power
Define reports and related queries across multiple files, with multiple sort levels if you need them. Import data from other databases or applications. Export data to your word processor or join several files to form a new database. The advanced B+ tree file structure and disk buffering ensure high performance - Superbase reads a typical name and address record in less than three hundredths of a second.
The Picture Database
Use Superbase's special picture reference facility and powerful data handling to create a unique picture/data library application. You can even run an automatic slide show.
Applications are almost limitless - some immediate uses would include:

Mailing Lists
Specification Checklist
Software Capacities
  • Up to 17 Gigabytes of storage - per file
  • Up to 16,000,000 records - per file
  • Up to 999 indexes - per file
  • Number of files - limited only by system
  • Number of open files - limited only by system
  • Number of fields per record - limited only by system
  • Data
  • Text, date, numeric & external file fields
  • Input range checking
  • Full function formula derived fields
  • Calendar 1 - 9999 A.D., multiple date styles
  • 13 digit numeric precision, multiple number formats
  • Password protection
  • Reports
  • Up to 255 character column width
  • Title, date stamp, page number
  • Record counts, averages, subtotals & totals
  • Multi-file output to screen, printer, disk or new database
  • Multi-column, variable format mailing labels
  • Store and recall report and query formats
  • Sort in any order
  • For all Amiga computers with at least 512K of RAM. Workbench 1.3 or above.


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