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Pen Pal v1.4 - 1992 SoftWood Inc. for Commodore Amiga

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Pen Pal Software for Commodore Amiga
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Pen Pal v1.4
Copyright 1989-1992 SoftWood, Inc.

Pen Pal™ - Word Processor
Pen Pal provides the tools you need to create effective written communication. You can create text using different fonts, sizes, styles, and color. Text wraps automatically around pictures - even as you type. With Pen Pal you can mix text, graphics, pictures, and data in ways no other Amiga word processor can do.

Pen Pal is very easy to learn and use. This word processor has been designed with you, the user, in mind. Menus, mouse guides, rulers, and screens provide an interface that stands out from other Amiga word processors.

Forms Manager
Create forms with areas where data is to be filled in. You can design your forms with pictures, text, boxes, and lines. During forms fill-in Pen Pal protects the form from unwanted changes by accepting only information to be filled in.

Graphic Power
Import IFF pictures of different sizes and colors - even HAM. Pictures may be placed anywhere in a document. Boxes, lines, backgrounds, and shadows can be drawn directly in Pen Pal.

Database Manager
Pen Pal comes with a built-in database that is fast, and easy to use. Data can be transferred from the database into word processing documents for the easiest mail-merge available anywhere.

Sorting, searching, locating duplicates, mass deletes, columnar reports, mailing labels, on-screen totals, and calculated fields are handled with ease. This database is very fast and surprisingly powerful.

Excellent Output
Printed output is superior. You can print graphics and printer font on the same page. Pictures maintain their original colors. Print using all 4096 colors, shades of gray, and black and white.

Comes with Box, 276 page Manual, 32 page v1.3 Addendum Manual, Original v1.3rev2 Install Disks and copy of the Latest that I have v1.4 Install Disk.
Tested in Excellent Working Condition!

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