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Commodore Amiga 2000 68030 Desktop Computer SCSI2SD RGB2HDMI - HK0008718

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NTSC Commodore Amiga 2000 Desktop Computer with
DKB 2MB MegAChip CHIP RAM, 8373 ECS Super Denise,
GVP 68030@40mhz CPU/FPU Accelerator
Fully Populated with 16mb Matched GVP 60ns RAM,
16gb SCSI2SD Harddrive, 40X SCSI CDROM Drive
RGB2HDMI LCD/LED HDMI Scandoubler/FlickerFixer

Commodore Amiga Motherboard rev.6.2 with ECS Chipset

v3.1 Kickstart ROM, DKB 2MB MegAChip CHIP RAM, 8373 ECS Super Denise

GVP 68030@40mhz CPU/FPU Accelerator
Fully Expanded to 16mb of Genuine Matched GVP 60ns RAM SIMMs
Lastest Eprom v4.15, SCSI2SDv5.2 with 16gb SD SCSI Harddrive with
custom 3D Printed bracket to allow for External Accessibility

NOT Hot-Plugable make sure computer is off before inserting/removing SD Card

DVD-305S 40X Internal Slot Load SCSI CDROM Drive
Painted to match original front faceplate

New working coin cell battery and holder installed.
Installed onto the inner case front to be away from the motherboard and
allow easy access for replacing the battery when needed.

880kb Internal Floppy Disk Drive (Chinon FB-354)
Heads cleaned, gear & rails lubricated, runs great and quiet

GOTEK 880kb Internal Floppy Drive Emulator
Switch between upto 999 Amiga Floppy ADF Images
Latest FlashFloppy Emulator firmware Installed
with NEW HiRes OLED Display
Audio Speaker for Drive Access Sounds
Relocated Access LED to match original floppy drive
Front Painted to match original faceplate.
New 16gb USB Flash Drive INCLUDED,
with All software installed included on USB drive as backup.

Genuine Commodore Amiga 2000 200watt Clean power supply
with NEW Noctua NF-R8 redux-1800 RPM almost silent Fan

RGB2HDMI Scandoubler/FlickerFixer pixel-perfect
HDMI output to any modern LCD/LED Monitor.

with custom made bracket for rear external access.
Onboard 23pin RGB Video for 15khz Monitors works as well.
Both can be used at the same time or independent of each other.
The video display is mirrored between the two devices if used at the same time.

Commodore Amiga 2000 Keyboard

NEW 2 Button Optical Mouse and NEW Black Mouse Pad

Power Cord and NEW 6' Stereo Audio cable

Manuals/Books Included:
Original GVP Accelerator Manual
Original AmigaOS v3.1 Manuals - Workbench, AmigaDOS and ARexx
copy of DKB 2MB MegAChip Manual
Can read about the RGB2HDMI here:
Can read about the Gotek FlashFloppy here:

Software Disks Included:
copy of GVP Accelerator Install Disk
copy of Amiga OS v3.1 Install, Workbench, Extras, Fonts, Storage, Locale
copy of AsimCDFS v3.10 CDROM Software Install Disk
copy of MagicWB v2.1p Install Disk
All Disks to setup of the computer have been copied onto the USB Stick

CDs Included:
Original Aminet 6 CD to get you started

Some info about the SCSI2SDv5.2 adaptor configuration:
I currently have it setup as 4 Harddrives. ID0 to ID3 (2 Partitions on ID0 and the others are 1 Partition each), CDROM is ID4. ID0 is 2GB (OS3.1) and 450mb (BACKUPS) Partitions, ID1 is 4GB (Work1_4gb), ID2 is 4GB (Work2_4gb) and ID3 is 4GB (Work3_4gb). Its currently set to bootup into Amiga OS 3.1. The adpator is also setup with termination turned off (so power is not required to the adaptor). I've installed it into a 3D printed bracket that is installed into one of the back expansion slots. QUIET, COOL and FAST!!!

Has some small nicks and scratches here and there, mostly on the top, otherwise,

All is Tested in Excellent Clean Working Condition and
Guaranteed Against DOA! as pictured.

Shipping Includes Insurance and Signature Required.
Will package well for safe shipping.

Please be sure to open the computer and make sure all cards are seated properly upon arrival.
Sometimes they can get loose in the shipping process.