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VideoScape 3D - 1987 Aegis Development Inc. for Commodore Amiga

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VideoScape 3D v1.0 for Commodore Amiga
A solid 3-D animation and rendering system
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VideoScape 3D v1.0
Copyright 1987 Aegis Development, Inc.

Put the power of professional 3-D solid model animation to work for you. VideoScape 3D has:

    3-D Solid Graphics
  • Solid objects with hidden surface removal.
  • Geometric shapes, fractals, and merged objects.
  • Wire frame mode.
  • Diffuse reflection from a light source, spectral reflection, or none.
  • Independent coordinate system for objects with six degrees of movement.
  • Object motion based on a start and end position and number of frames.
  • Smooth metamorphic evolution of one object into another by tweening between frames.
  • Includes ready-made objects (spaceships, car, city, plane, mountains, trees, buildings, 3D text, etc.).
    Smooth Camera Motion
  • Second-order smoothing on a all camera motions with six degrees of movement.
  • Camera scripts allow for multiple camera movements in a scene.
  • Zoom can be varied smoothly during a scene.
    Multiple Resolutions
  • 704 x 440, 704 x 220, 352 x 440, and 352 x 220 resolutions.
  • Scenes and objects are resolution independent.
  • Overscan and interlace modes allow for correct video display.
    Frame Generation
  • Automatic playback from scripts.
  • Manual or automatic camera motions.
  • "Real Time" wire-frame object preview.
  • Supports single stepping of frames.
    Supports IFF
  • Uses IFF foregrounds and backgrounds.
  • Saves frames as IFF pictures.
  • Supports the Aegis/Sparta ANIM™ format for compressed animation playback. This eliminates the requirement for a single-frame recorder.
  • Includes an artwork disk created by Jim Sachs, Richard LaBarre, and A. Hastings.
Hardware Requirements
Amiga with 512K RAM Kickstar 1.2 or greater
Hardware Options
1 Megabyte RAM to create animation files
A single-frame video editing system
Any VCR with flying erase-heads
Second floppy disk drive
Hard disk drive
Software Options
Aegis Video Titler™
Aegis Animator II™
DeluxePaint II™
Any 3-D modeling system which supports the Aegis/Sparta ANIM™ format

Comes with Box (well used condition), 144 page Manual, Compass card
and Original Install Disks in Excellent Condition!

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