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Video Toaster 2000 v2.0 Manual & Software by NewTek for Commodore Amiga 2000 2000HD 2500

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NTSC NewTek Video Toaster 2000 Manual and Software Install Disks
Copyright 1992 NewTek, Inc.
The World's First Broadcast Quality Video Computer on a Card

The Video Toaster puts the awesome power to produce network quality television on your desktop. Powerful video tools previously available only to high-end post production studios can now be yours. The Video Toaster is a unique computer-on-a-card made possible by four powerful NewTek custom chips that bring the Amiga up to full broadcast televsion color and resolution.

Simply add the Video Toaster to an Amiga 2000, 2000HD or 2500 computer and you'll have the world's most powerful video computer.

Below info is from the back of a v2.0 Video Toaster box.

4 Input Production Switcher

4 Input Production Switcher

The heart of the Video Toaster desktop production studio is the Video Toaster Switcher. It replaces broadcast switchers costing tens-of-thousands of dollars. Simply point and click with the mouse on the T-Bar to perform cuts, fades, and wipes between any of 7 sources including 4live video inputs, 2 frame buffers, and a color background generator. Use the built-in luminance keyer for mixing video images like super imposing weatherman over a weather map.

Digital Video Effects

Digital Video Effects

The Toaster's four custom VLSI chips give you the processing power to warp live video in real-time (60 fields per second) in 24-bit color. The Toaster features hundreds of digital effects including: flip, spin, tumble, page peel, digital trails and even the “transporter”. Many new Toaster Digital Effects haven't been possible at any price such as OrganicFX like clouds, breaking glass and pouring liquid, WarpFX that can wrap live video around cubes and spheres, and unique ActionFX that feature real-world silhouettes in live action.
LightWave 3D Animation

LightWave 3D Animation

LightWave 3D offers all time high-end features you need to produce network-quality computer graphics. Model, render, and animate videos in full broadcast resolution and 16.8 million colors. Everything from flying logos, scientific visualization, and the most sophisticated effects seen on broadcast television are now within your reach. LightWave even includes a large library of ready-to-use objects. For the first time, hundreds of advanced features are available on a desktop — yet LightWave is simple enough for novices to begin animating within minutes.

Frame Grabber/Frame Store

Dual Frame Buffers/Genlock

The Toaster has two 16.8 million color frame buffers with full television resolution. The Toaster's award-winning YIQ-encoded video output is the first on a desktop system to fully meet the stringent specifications for network-level broadcast television. One buffer can be loading while the other is shown on-screen for seamless live video presentations using Toaster effects. The separate Toaster Genlock Utility lets you overlay Amiga-mode graphics and animations on incoming live video or either frame buffer.

Toaster Character Generator

Toaster Character Generator

The first affordable CG that lets you add titles and text to your videos in 35ns broadcast Resolution (the same high resolution that the networks use). The Toaster’s true-color frame buffers, YIQ video encoder, and linear keyer produce sharp, jaggie-free text with perfect drop or cast shadows. ToasterCG offers high-end features such as transparent shadows, 16.8-million color anti-aliased fonts, variable outlines, 24-bit color backgrounds, smooth scrolls & crawls, and the ability to use digital effects to tumble, spin, peel, and warp text in real-time.


Chroma F/X Color Processor

ChromaFX is a sophisticated color processor that gives you complete control of the brightness, contrast, and color of your live video image. You can design your own color effects with virtually limitless combinations or use any of over 50 included presets. It can alter-live video with color negatives, day-for-night, sepia-toning, monochrome, solarization, posterization, filters, color vignettes and other totally unique effects such as Line Art, Chrome, Zebra, Nuke, Cycling and more. Combine any ChromaFX with switcher transitions for stunning results.

Dual Frame Buffers/Genlock


ToasterPaint is the first broadcast-quality video paint system for under $10,000. It provides the sharpness, accuracy, and perfect color saturation that you expect from systems costing ten times as much. Unlike computer oriented paint programs, ToasterPaint is designed specifically for NTSC broadcast videographics. ToasterPaint has full integration for modifying and compositing Toaster frame stores, LightWave 3D and ToasterCG images. ToasterPaint includes powerful tools such as transparency, texture mapping, colorize, blending, resizing, rubthru, blur, range, lighten, darken, and smooth shading.

Chroma F/X Color Processor

Still Store/Frame Grabber

Freeze broadcast-resolution 16.8 million color video images instantly from any video source and recall them in less than two seconds. Grab 1, 4 or 8 fields of live video for rock-steady images or cycling video animation. Store up to 1000 frames (depending on hard drive). Grabbed frames may be used by ToasterPaint, ToasterCG, or LightWave 3D. Just point and click to use stored frames with Toaster digital effects for fast-paced multimedia presentations.

Video Toaster 2000 Board, Commodore Amiga 2000, 2000HD or 2500 computer with 5 megabytes of RAM, 40 megabytes free on hard drive, and two standard video monitors (can get by with one if you need to). Inputs from video tape must be time base corrected.

NTSC ONLY! As far as I know they never made a PAL version.

NewTek Video Toaster 2000 Manual 2nd Printing for v2.0 Software
Copyright 1990-1992 NewTek, Inc.

This Manual covers all of NewTek Video Toaster System v2.0 Software and Installation into an Amiga 2000 Computer.

    Manual is divided up as follows:
  • System 2.0 Addendum - Corrections & Cool Tips Booklet - 12 pages
  • What's New For System 2.0 - 6 pages
  • Video Toaster System 2.0 Software & Manual - 10 pages
  • Tutorials - 138 pages
  • Switcher - 38 pages
  • ChromaFX - 14 pages
  • ToasterPaint - 30 pages
  • ToasterCG - 22 Pages
  • LightWave 3D v2.0
    LightWave Layout - 74 pages
    LightWave Modeler - 26 pages
  • Appendices - 128 pages - Includes installation instructions
    into an Amiga 2000 Desktop computer
  • Index - 20 pages

Comes with Box with Slipcover in Fair condition,
518 Pages in Original 3-Ring Binder Manual and
14 v2.0 Install Disks for Amiga Video Toaster 2000
in an Amiga OS 1.3/2.x System.

Disks are New Unopened in Excellent Condition and
will Guarantee Media Against DOA!

If you need a Video Toaster board to go with this,
let me know and I can list one with it.

If you need any cables or BNC connectors, you can find some here:
RCA Cables and BNC Connectors

If you need any help or have any questions, don't hesitate to email me. :-)

Check out the video below that demonstrates a few things that the Video Toaster 2000 can do...