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Pixel 3D Professional v1.04 - 1992 Axiom Software for Commodore Amiga

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Pixel 3D Professional Software for your Commodore Amiga
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Pixel 3D Professional v1.04
Copyright 1992 Axiom Software

Pixel 3D Professional (PixPro) is the most powerful 3D object utility program available. Use PixPro to convert bitmap pictures of logos and shapes to 3D objects with unrivaled quality. Smooth, extrude and bevel your converted bitmaps with precise control.

Use PixPro to load, save and display fourteen different 3D file formats, including Caligari, DXF and Wavefront. Clean up and optimize your 3D objects with the PixPro collection of data reduction tools. Powerful point editing provides for the perfect placement of every point on 3D objects.

Pixel 3D has become a standard in the VideoToaster and 3D animation work place.

Pixel 3D Professional is ideal for converting logos to 3D and for bridging the gap between 3D file formats.

Don’t do extra work or spend extra time when PixPro can do it for you!

With PixPro on your side, you'll be three dimensions ahead of the rest!

    Pixel 3D Professional includes the following:
  • Loads and saves fourteen(14) different 3D file formats including LightWave 3D, Imagine, DXF, Draw 4D Pro, Wavefront, Caligari and many more.
  • Bitmap and structured font conversion to 3D.
  • Single point editing, moving and deleting.
  • Converted logo smoothing with ten different tweaking abilities including spline fitting.
  • Regular, color defined and listed defined logo extrusions with front, back and side color definitions.
  • Beveling of logos or pre-existing objects with changeable router bits.
  • Spinning of logos on any axis with offsets.
  • Object optimization facilities including polygon reduction.
  • On-line help menus.
  • Full color 3D object viewer.
  • Many more features and capabilities.
Comes with Box, 54 page Manual in 3-Ring Binder
and Original Install Disks.
Tested in Excellent Working Condition!

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