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Photon Video Cel Animator - 1988 MicroIllusions for Commodore Amiga

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Photon Paint v1.0

Photon Video Cel Animator Software for Commodore Amiga
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Photon Video Cel Animator v1.0
Copyright 1988 MicroIllusions

Turn your Amiga personal computer into a topflight animation system right in your own home/studio...AND enjoy the possibilities of taking your drawings all the way to full-color rendering and video tape reproduction; all with PHOTON VIDEO:CEL ANIMATOR and the PHOTON VIDEO selection of integrated art and animation production tools!

Create a sequence of animation frames in any conceivable manner, i.e. using an Amiga live-action frame-grabber to save frames from a pre-recorded video tape and/or home video camera; paint and/or draw a series of frames using an Amiga paint program; create stop-motion puppet or paper cut-out animation using your home video camera and digitizing software; you name it! Play them back, test your timing, and synchronize your sound track and animation using CEL ANIMATOR!

NOW, using your Amiga black and white video camera, and personal computer with CEL ANIMATOR, you can develop and pencil test your own animation in the privacy of your home/studio.

PHOTON VIDEO: CEL ANIMATOR will enable you to view your animation pencil tests with absolutely solid and static-free motion on your Amiga’s monitor screen; you'll be able to select among various play back speeds per second, and specify individual on-screen delay periods for any and all frames.

Your scene will automatically “loop”; no video tape to rewind every time you want to watch your animation! Your series of drawings will repeat indefinitely until you choose to stop the process yourself, and they can be synchronized to your prerecorded, digitized sound track and played back together; so you can sit back and study your work!

You'll also be able to step through the frames one at a time, backwards and/or forwards, while frame numbers, drawing numbers and sound reading abbreviations are displayed with each frame for your reference. Pre-recorded digitized sound can also be heard as you step through the animation frame by frame.

Shoot each drawing only ONCE; controlling the order of play back and repetition of individual drawings by listing the frame numbers in an order file used by CEL ANIMATOR to play back your scene. A “CYCLE” OR “HELD DRAWING” NEED BE SHOT ONLY ONCE; the computer will follow your exposure sheet for you!

Digitize and save your audio track using any sound digitizer available for the Amiga; then load it into CEL ANIMATOR and step through it frame by frame, listening to each frame “real time” (not distorted by slow motion); decipher your sound track, and store phonemes and sound effects according to frame number. CEL ANIMATOR can then print out a professional animation “exposure sheet” which includes all this information; allowing you to create your animation in the professional manner, according to the frame by frame location of each portion of the sound.

    Some features of Cel Animator:
  • Loads images in all 40 Amiga graphics formats
  • Special Pencil Test mode for maximum memory conservation
  • Openany IFF file
  • Save any IFF file
  • Open named series of IFF files
  • Open a Sound file
  • Generate and saveExposure sheets to disk
  • Print Exposure sheet
  • Save image series as an ANIM file
  • Clear all images
  • Set image playback order — duplication allowed
  • Set delay times on individual images
  • Set overall animation playback speed
  • Edit sound file
  • Show titles
  • Enable input from Hard disks
  • Link to Transport Controller
  • Select graphics format
  • Playback Animation
  • Playback in Slow Motion
  • Playback with sound
  • Reverse Playback
  • Display Current Frame
  • Draw on current frame
  • Single step frame forward
  • Single step frame reverse
  • Replace current frame
  • Drawing tools: pen select, line, box, filled box, circle, flood fill, color cycle, select palette, scroll x, scroll y.
  • Comes with Box, 136 page Manual, Quick Reference Card and
    Original Install Disks. Tested in Excellent Working Condition!

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