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Personal Paint v6.4 ©1996 Digita International for Commodore Amiga

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Personal Paint v6.4 for Commodore Amiga

Personal Paint v6.4
Copyright 1996 by Digita International

Personal Paint is a powerful and intuitive paint, image processing, animation and 24-printing package. Employ stunning effects like emboss, water-colors, transparencies and stereograms (as in “Magic Eye"), while virtual memory frees precious Chip RAM by using other storage resources! Plus: support of RTG display boards, different file formats (IFF, PNG, PCX, encrypted, C source code, DataTypes etc.), nine brushes, two independent working environments, animation storyboard, Bézier curves, autoscroll painting, professional color reduction, superior text editor, color fonts, PostScript output, screen grabber...

For all Amiga computers. 1 MB of RAM, 1 disk drive required. 2 MB of RAM recommended. Workbench 1.3 or above.

Comes with Box, Manuals and Original Install Disks in Excellent Condition!

Disks Tested and Media Guaranteed Against DOA!