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GVP GForce 68040@33mhz Combo Accelerator for Amiga 2000 2000HD 2500 or Video Toaster 32mb

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GVP GForce 68040@33mhz Combo Accelerator for Amiga 2000 2000HD 2500 or Video Toaster

GVP A2000-040 Combo rev 6
Copyright 1992 Great Valley Products, Inc. (GVP)

The Ultimate All-In-One Amiga 2000 Add-On...
Acceleration/Hard Drive SCSI Controller/Memory Expansion/High Speed Parallel/Serial

GVP 68040/33mhz Combo accelerator for an Amiga 2000, 2000HD, 2500 or 2000 Video Toaster.

    Some features of the Card are:
  • 33mhz Motorola 68040 CPU / FPU with NEW Heatsink & Fan
  • 32mb of GVP compatible 60ns RAM Installed (Expandable to 64mb)
  • On-Board AutoBooting DMA SCSI Hard Disk Controller
  • Built-in Parallel and High-Speed Serial Ports!
  • External 25pin SCSI Connector
  • Keep All Five A2000 Expansion Slots Open for Other Uses
  • Excellent Upgrade for Newtek Video Toaster / Flyer users
  • 3.1 Kickstart ROM INCLUDED!
  • SCSI2SD 16gb Harddrive Adapter. Quiet, Cool, Lightweight & FAST!
  • Custom printed 3D bracket for SCSI2SD Adaptor
  • Faster than an Amiga 4000 Desktop!

Comes with Accelerator Card, A2000 3.1 Kickstart ROM, copy of 3.1 Software Install Disks, copy of Manual and Install Disk, copy of MagicWBv2.1p, 2-Device Internal SCSI Ribbon Cable, Internal to External 25pin SCSI Cable, SCSI2SD 50pin SCSI Adapter with 16gb SD Card Harddrive (Formats to 14.5gb) with Amiga OS 3.1 & 3.9 pre-Installed and Bootable, Highly desirable 32X Slot Load SCSI CDROM Drive, Latest AsimCDFS CDROM Software, copy of Amiga OS 3.9 Install CD and copy of FishMarket Disks 260 to 1000 CD to get you started. :-)

Ready to plug into the accelerator slot and Boot!

All is pre-configured and ready to use. Have also optimized everything to get every ounce of performance as much as possible.

All Tested in Excellent Working Condition and Guaranteed Against DOA!

Shipping Includes Insurance and Signature Required upon delivery.

Some info about the SCSI2SDv5.1 adapter configuration:
I currently have it setup as 4 Harddrives. ID0 to ID3 (2 Partitions on ID0 and the others are 1 Partition each), CDROM is ID4. ID0 is 4GB (OS3.1 & OS3.9 2gb ea.), ID1 is 4GB (Work_4gb_1), ID2 is 4GB (Work_4gb_2) and ID3 is 2GB (Work_2gb). Its currently set to bootup into Amiga OS 3.9, but that can be changed by changing the boot priority of ID0 & ID1. The adpater is also setup with termination turned off (so power is not required to the adaptor). I've included a 3D printed tray that installs into the back expansion slot. The SCSI2SDv5.1 adapter doesn't seem to benchmark very well, but the actual performance is amazing. SUPER Quick and FAST!!!