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GigaMem v3.12 - 1992 INOVAtronics Inc. Virtual Memory for Commodore Amiga

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GigaMem - Virtual Memory for the Commodore Amiga

GigaMem v3.12
Copyright 1992 INOVAtronics, Inc.

Most recent powerful applications for the Amiga (e.g. for graphics, music, animations, raytracing. DTP...) require more main memory than is available or possible to integrate. GigaMem is a program which simulates up to 1 Gigabyte of memory, which it swaps onto any mass storage system (i.e. harddisk). Intelligent management accomplishes simultaneous use of several programs in multitasking mode.

  • Support up to 1.5 Gigabyte Virtual Memory
  • Swapping to either a file or a partition
  • Intelligent memory swapping in accord with memory access frequency
  • Use of Amiga OS 2.0 interface guidelines
  • Comfortable preferences utility with 2.0 style
  • 3 selectable interface languages: English, German, French
  • Fully multitasking, no system slowdown during access
  • Easy and comfortable installation program
  • Kernel 100% assembler for maximum speed and minimum size
  • Intelligent paging strategy a la UNIX
  • Display of available virtual memory on the Workbench titlebar
  • Write cache for increased speed
  • Ready-to-use program database of common applications for optimum utilization

System Requirements:
GigaMem works with all Amiga computers with MMU (Memory Management Unit); i.e.
Amiga 2500, 2500/030, 3000, 4000 040 or Amiga 500(+), 1000, 1500, 2000 with 68020/68030/68040 accelerator and MMU. No restrictions on type of HD controller and harddisk. GigaMem is compatible with Kickstart 1.2, 1.3, 2.x an 3.x.

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