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DataRetrieve by Abacus a Data Becker Product for Commodore Amiga

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The Professional Database Manager for the Amiga
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DataRetrieve v1.02
Copyright 1987 Abacus Software a Data Becker Product

Imagine a powerful database for Amiga: one that's fast, has a huge data capacity, yet is easy to work with. Now think DataRetrieve Amiga. It works the same way as your Amiga - graphic and intuitive, with no obscure commands. Quickly set up your data files using convenient on-screen templates called masks. Select commands from the pulldown menus or time-saving shortcut keys. Customize the masks with different text fonts, styles, colors, sizes and graphics. Help screens are available at the touch of a button. Exchange data with TextPro, Becker Text and other packages to produce form letters, mailing labels, index cards, bulletins, etc. Prints data reports to most dot-matrix and letter-quality printers. DataRetrieve is the perfect database for your Amiga.

    Features include:
  • Work with up to 8 databases concurrently
  • Define different field types: text, date, time, numeric selection
  • Specify up to 80 index fields for super fast access to your data
  • Produce custom printer forms: index cards, labels, etc.
  • Not copy protected, Access data from several different files simultaneously
  • Design a screen mask up to 200 times larger than the screen
  • Output to the printer, screen or disk
  • Enhance your screen mask by adding circles lines, boxes, colors Find data fast with flexible search mode (range, AND, OR)

Software Requirements:
Amiga OS 1.2 or greater.

Hardware Requirements:
512k Commodore Amiga 500, 1000 or 2000 Computer or better.

Comes with 125+ Page Manual, Original Install Disk and DataRetrieve BONUS Disk.

Tested in Excellent Used Condition! and Media Guaranteed Against DOA!