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AsimCDFS v2.6 - 1994 Asimware Innovations CD-ROM FileSystem for Commodore Amiga

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AsimCDFS CD-ROM Control Software for your Commodore Amiga
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AsimCDFS v2.6
Copyright 1994 Asimware Innovations

Asimware is proud to present AsimCDFS 2.0! AsimCDFS has evolved from a sophisticated CD-Rom FileSystem to a total CD-Rom solution. In this version, numerous options have been added and performance has been increased. AsimCDFS is simply the best CD-Rom software available for the Commodore Amiga.

The AsimCDFS 2.0 package, which consists of AsimTunes, AsimCDFS, AsimPhoto, FishMarket and a Preferences Editor, allows the user to access most CD-Rom discs with an Amiga computer and CD-Rom drive.

AsimTunes 2.0 combines advanced playback features, such as Random, Ordered, and Sequential play, A-B cuts, and direct track access, with librarian features, such as track/disc naming, cataloging and disc identification.

AsimPhoto unlocks the magic of Kodak’s PhotoCD, and allows the user to export PhotoCD images to 24bit IFF.

FishMarket 2.1 is a CD-Rom disc jam-packed with the public domain Fred-Fish collection (from #186 thru to 930).

All AsimCDFS options can be set via an interactive preferences editor!

    AsimCDFS requires the following to operate:
  • either a Commodore Amiga or a CDTV equipped with a floppy drive and keyboard;
  • AmigaDOS 2.0 or higher;
  • any of the 68000, 68010, 68020, 68030, or 68040 processors;
  • A compatible SCSI CD-Rom drive;
  • A compatible SCSI controller;
  • any ISO 9660, HighSierra or HFS formatted CD-ROM discs.
AsimCDFS is currently compatible with over 20 SCSI CD-Rom drives!

Comes with Clamshell case, 68 page Manual,
copy of FishMarket CD and Original v2.6 Install Disk.
Tested in Excellent Working Condition!

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