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T-Rexx Professional v2.1.4 by ASDG for Commodore Amiga NewTek Video Toaster

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T-Rexx Professional v2.1.4 - Supports Amiga Video Toaster
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T-Rexx Professional v2.1.4
Copyright 1993 by ASDG, Inc.

T-Rexx Professional is a highly integrated ARexx script generation environment with powerful tools specifically designed for the NewTek Video Toaster. T-Rexx can also automate the functions of 11 other important products, and, because it is completely user configurable, you can add support for the products of your choice.

System Requirements
  • Any Amiga model
  • Minimum of 2 megabytes
  • Requires Kickstart 2.0 or later
Recommended Options
  • NewTek Video Toaster (While T-Rexx is primarily intended as a Toaster system integrator, its generalized scripting tools offer major benefits to users of any ARexx compatible program)
  • Hard disk drive
  • A program which produces animations such as DeluxePaint, Brilliance or Art Department Professional
T-Rexx Professional
  • Graphical User Interface similar to the NewTek Video Toaster to create and edit ARexx scripts using a point-and-click interface
  • ARexx scripts are shown in plain English and can be edited with word processor-like commands
  • Unique real-time mode which speeds the development and testing of ARexx scripts
  • ARexx scripts can be created for any program with an ARexx interface or any device accepting serial or parallel port commands
  • All aspects of the Video Toaster are directly controlled including: Switcher, ToasterPaint, LightWave 3D and Toaster Genlock Utility
  • Also includes command buttons for: AmiLink, ArtDepartment Professional, BCD-2000A, DQ-Taco, MediaPhile, MorphPlus, PC-VCR, Personal SFC II, Personal TBC III, Pixel 3D, SunRize Studio 16 and VISCA
  • Transitions and scripts can be triggered by GPI or serial/parallel/timer/keyboard events or under ARexx control
  • Run the scripts you create from icons or from within T-Rexx (will even track script running time)
  • Converts between Framestore and RGB (IFF) files in full color and fidelity
  • Compresses and decompresses Framestores
  • Fast full screen Framestore preview
  • Browser shows 20 Framestores on-screen at a time for fast Framestore management
  • Rename, renumber, and delete Framestores
  • Create and edit Toaster projects including default background/border colors and default Toaster Framestore device
  • Create and modify OrganicFX and ActionFX
  • Edit crouton attributes such as speed and matte color
  • Save crouton imagery as standard IFF brushes
  • Special effects processing of animation files as they are turned into OrganicFX or ActionFX
  • Turn OrganicFX and ActionFX into standard animation files
  • Includes more than 40 custom effects
T-Rexx Command Editor
  • Create and edit custom command buttons for use in T-Rexx, making T-Rexx fully configurable and extensible
  • Special purpose utility to convert LightWave 3D framesinto DCTV animations
  • Provides rendering-time statistics (useful for billing purposes and project management)
  • Converts OrganicFX and ActionFX created with T-Rexx into files which can be distributed to others
  • Monitors a directory and automatically processes any files appearing there using sophisticated processing environments that can be saved and reloaded

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