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A2091 SCSI Controller w/1.0gb Harddrive 2MB RAM 7.0 ROMs 14MhzMOD for Commodore Amiga

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A2091 SCSI Controller for
Commodore Amiga 2000, 2000HD, 2500, 3000, 4000

Commodore Amiga A2091
Copyright 1991 Commodore Amiga, Inc.

The A2091 is a full-length Zorro-II DMA SCSI hard drive controller for the Commodore Amiga 2000 or 4000 Computer.

Has the Latest v7.0 ROMs installed, Fully populated with 2mb RAM and Updated rev.8 SCSI Chip. Currently has a fresh installation of Amiga OS 3.1

14MHz MOD has been applied with jumper to disable if needed. See blue picture with test results.
The 14MHz MOD almost doubles the speed of the throughput on most 68000,010,020 and 030 Systems!

As far as I know SpeedGeek from Amibay is the original developer of this technique. You can read all about here:

The A2091 comes with a 1.0gb Seagate Hawk ST31055N FAST Quiet SCSI Harddrive, 2mb RAM Installed, upgraded v7.0 ROMs,
updated rev.8 SCSI Chip, 14MHz FAST MOD, 50pin SCSI Cable, Molex Power Cable,
copy of Manual and Latest v1.30 Install Disk.

Just pop it in and Boot! Ready to Go!
(Kickstart 3.1 required to use as configured)

All Tested in Excellent Working Condition and Guaranteed Against DOA!