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A2088 XT Bridgeboard PC Emulator for Commodore Amiga 2000 2000HD 2500 3000 4000

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A2088 XT Bridgeboard PC IBM Emulator with
FZ-502 5.25" Floppy Disk Drive, Manual and Software

A2088 PC Emulator rev3 - BIOS ROM v3.6.1
Copyright 1986 Commodore Amiga, Inc.

This is a Commodore A2088XT PC bridgeboard/emulator kit. This adds an IBM compatible PC-XT to your Amiga using a Zorro II slot (on your A2000, A3000 or A4000). This will then 'activate' your ISA slots and allow you to use an IBM XT compatible PC within Workbench. Included is the the bridgeboard itself, both 5.25" PC-side software and the Amiga 3.5" install disk and a Chinon 360k 5.25" floppy drive (FZ-502) with cable and manual.

Some features of the Card are:
  • IBM XT emulation
  • 8088 @ 4.77 MHz
  • optional 8087 FPU
  • 512 kB RAM
  • 16 kB XT compatible BIOS
  • 360 kB 5.25" floppy drive supplied
  • 720 kB 3.5" - uses external Amiga floppy drives on the external connector
  • CGA 640x200x2 or 320x200x4 modes selectable with jumpers
  • can use Amiga parallel ports
  • Latest v3.6.1 BIOS ROM

Comes with :
A2088 XT Bridgeboard Board with Latest v3.6.1 BIOS ROM installed
CHINON FZ-502 360k Internal 5.25" Floppy Disk Drive and Cable
(Head cleaned and rails lubricated, runs Great and Quiet!)
Original Bridgeboard A2088/A2286 User's Guide Manual
copy of v2.0 & v2.1 PC Bridgeboard 3.5" Install Disks
(v2.0 is Bootable and v2.1 has to be installed, so including both versions)
copy of MS-DOS 3.3, GW BASIC 3.22 and Janus 5.25" Software Disks
copy of DOS Resource Guide - 8.5x11 DOS Reference Card
(5) NEW Blank Unformatted 5.25" Floppy Disks

All Tested in Excellent Working Condition and
Guaranteed Against DOA! as pictured.

Shipping Includes Insurance and Signature Required upon delivery.