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V-Scope Vectorscope/Waveform Monitor by DPS for Commodore Amiga

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DPS V-Scope Vectorscope/Waveform Monitor for
Commodore Amiga 2000, 3000(T), 4000(T) / Video Toaster

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Personal V-Scope Model VM-2000 DPS-560 WFV
Copyright 1994 Digital Processing Systems, Inc.

The Personal V-SCOPE is a combination waveform monitor and vector scope which provides precise real time monitoring of video signals. The V-SCOPE produces a digitally synthesized waveform/vector display, including graticules, which can be displayed on any video monitor. The V-SCOPE features a variety of display modes including simultaneous waveform and vector displays in either overlay or split screen modes.

The Personal V-SCOPE card is designed to work in any IBM PC or 100% compatible 8 or 16-bit type ISA expansion slot. The card obtains its power from the expansion slot, but DOES NOT require any other buss signals. This allows the card to be used in an AMIGA PC slot WITHOUT requiring an AMIGA PC bridgeboard.

The various display modes and features of the V-SCOPE are controlled via software. The software communicates with the V-SCOPE using the RS-232 serial data port on the host computer. Serial data is input to the V-SCOPE via the rear panel RJ-14 connector, or the internal serial data headers. The V-SCOPE may be daisy chained with a DPS Personal TBC-II, III or IV allowing a single serial port to control multiple TBC's as well as the V-SCOPE.

The Personal V-SCOPE has a single video input, a buffered video output, a waveform/vector superimpose output, and a full-time waveform/vector output.


Comes with Box, V-Scope Board, Internal Daisy Chain Cable, Internal Serial Control Cable,
Original Manuals and the Latest Amiga/PC/DOS Software Install Disks.

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Tested in Excellent Working Condition and
Guaranteed Against DOA!


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