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OpalVision 24-Bit RGB Video & Graphics for Commodore Amiga 2000 2000HD 2500 3000 4000 BOXED

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OpalVision 24-Bit Video & Graphics
for Commodore Amiga 2000, 2000HD, 2500, 3000(T), 4000(T)

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OpalVision rev2.0 Board w/rev2.1 Firmware
Copyright 1992-1994 Opal Technology Pty Ltd.

The OpalVision 24-Bit graphics and video system links the ultimate painting software with cutting-edge, high-quality hardware.
The OpalVision system is an excellent video processing and manipulation tool but unlike other systems, it integrates extremely well into the Amiga environment and functions superlatively for applications like desktop publishing, ray-tracing, image processing, multimedia, and entertainment.

Technical Information
Double buffered full 24-Bit, 15-Bit and 8-Bit true color modes, 24-Bit and 8-Bit palette-mapped display modes, Dual Playfield and Overlay Priority stencil modes.
Priority mask definition specifies foreground/background areas in 24-bit images
Microcode graphics processor for system control, priority switching, hardware scrolling and panning.
20ns video switch to freely mix Amiga and OpalVision graphics.
Equipped with 1.5 MB of display RAM which leaves your Amiga's RAM free for other programs.
Expansion connectors for available Framegrabber/Genlock and Scan-Rate Converter hardware modules.
Expansion socket for additional live video special effects processor.
Automatically self-configures for NTSC or PAL operation
24-Bit RGB output with video bandwidth >7 MHz
NOT an RTG (Retargetable Graphics) Card

Hardware Requirements
Any Amiga computer with a video slot
Any Amiga compatible monitor capable of 15.75kHz scan rate (Models 1080, 1084, 1950, 1960 and most Amiga Multi-Sync/Multi-Scan monitors.)
One Megabyte of CHIP RAM (Two Megabytes Recommended)
Two Megabytes of FAST RAM
Hard Drive strongly recommended
68000/20/30/40/60 compatible

Included Software
OpalPaint, OpalPresents!, OpalVision HotKey, OpalAnimate, Sample Images and King of Karate Game

Comes with Original Box with Foam Inserts, v2.1 OpalVision Card,
Original Manuals and Original Install Disks,
copy of King of Karate Install Disks and
Bracket for Installing in an Amiga 2000.

All Tested in Excellent Working Condition and Guaranteed Against DOA!

Here is a link to a bunch of Utilities, Animations and Updated versions of the software that can be downloaded from Aminet,
also a review of the OpalVision named OpalVision.txt

More info from Amiga Hardware Database here: