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GVP A4008-HC+8 SERIES II REV II SCSI Controller with 1gb HD CDROM 8mb RAM for Commodore Amiga

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GVP A4008 HC+8 Series II Rev II SCSI Controller
with 8mb FAST RAM, 1.0gb FAST SCSI Harddrive and 40X SCSI CDROM Drive

GVP A4000 HC+8 Series II Rev.II v2.06
Copyright 1990-1993 Great Valley Products, Inc. (GVP)

The GVP A4008 combines a SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) device controller with up to 8 megabytes of Fast RAM expansion capacity. Its stable, time-tested design has been on the market since the advent of the A2000.

A4008 Features
  • Adaptable—works in any Amiga with Zorro slots (A2000/A3000/A4000 series).
  • Inexpensively adds SCSI capability to IDE-based A4000s; provides much needed memory expansion and hard drive storage in A2000s.
  • Accepts up to 8 megabytes of Fast RAM in easily installed 2-megabyte increments, using convenient industry-standard SIMMs.
  • Controls up to seven SCSI devices, both internal and external to your Amiga.
  • Incorporates one of the fastest SCSI controllers on the Amiga market, using GVP’s proprietary DPRC (Dual Port Ram Controller) chip.
  • One 3.5" hard drive can be mounted directly on the A4008, making it a self-contained “hard disk card".

Comes with:
Zorro-II SCSI Controller Fully populated with 8mb RAM,
FAST 1.0gb Seagate Hawk 50/80pin SCSI Internal Harddrive,
Latest v4.15 ROM, 40X Slot-Load SCSI CDROM Drive,
copy of Fishmarket CD, copy of Latest version of AsimCDFS v3.10,
copy of Manual and GVP Driver Install Disk.

Has a fresh installation of Amiga OS 3.1

Just pop it in and Boot! Ready to Go!

All is Tested in Excellent Working Condition and Guaranteed Against DOA!

Kickstart 3.1 is required to use as configured.

Shipping Includes Insurance.