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GVP A3001 68030@25mhz Accelerator & A2091 SCSI Controller for Amiga 2000 2000HD 2500 or Video Toaster

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GVP A3001 68030@25mhz Accelerator & A2091 SCSI Harddrive Controller
for an Amiga 2000, 2000HD, 2500 or 2000 Video Toaster

GVP A2000-030 rev 4 with A2000-RAM8 rev 3
Copyright 1990 Great Valley Products, Inc. (GVP)

The Ultimate All-In-One Amiga 2000 Add-On...
Acceleration and Memory Expansion

GVP 68030@25mhz Accelerator for an Amiga 2000, 2000HD, 2500 or 2000 Video Toaster.

Some features of the Card are:
  • 25mhz Motorola 68030 CPU and 68882 FPU
  • Fully expanded to 8mb of RAM Installed
  • Keep four A2000 Expansion Slots Open for Other Uses
  • Excellent Upgrade for Newtek Video Toaster users

Commodore Amiga A2091 rev 4.0
Copyright 1991 Commodore Amiga, Inc.

The A2091 is a full-length Zorro-II DMA SCSI hard drive controller for the Commodore Amiga 2000 or 4000 Computer.

Has Latest v7.0 ROMs installed, populated with 0k RAM. Currently Amiga OS 3.1 Formatted.

Comes with Accelerator Card, A2091 SCSI Controller, has v7.0 ROMs, a 120mb Maxtor 7120SR 50pin SCSI Harddrive with Amiga OS 3.1 pre-Installed and Bootable, Original Accelerator Manual, copy of A2091 Manual and Install Disks.

All is Ready to plug into the accelerator slot and Zorro-II slot and Boot!

Only caveat I know of is the A2091 will only recognize 1mb of RAM if RAM is installed. Although with this configuration, the Accelerator is taking all the ZorroII RAM space, so no RAM is recognized anyways on the A2091, is why none is included on the A2091.
Otherwise is All Tested in Excellent Working Condition and Guaranteed Against DOA!

Requires Kickstart 3.1 ROM to use as configured.
More info on the accelerator can be found here:

Shipping Includes Insurance and Signature Required upon delivery.