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Video Toaster 2000 by NewTek for Commodore Amiga 2000 2000HD 2500 3000 SN5676216

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- - - NTSC NewTek Video Toaster 2000 - - -
Video Switcher, Character Generator, Paint System, Effects and 3D Animation System

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NTSC NewTek Video Toaster 2000
Copyright 1993-95 NewTek, Inc.

Simply add the Video Toaster to an Amiga A2000, A2000HD, A2500, A3000 or A3000T and you'll have the world's most powerful Video computer.

New in Toaster 4.0 are croutons. Each element in your video production—an effect, a CG page, a framestore, even a video clip* is represented by a crouton. Over 700 croutons are provided on the System 4.0 CD-ROM including hundreds of new video effects and graphic elements. Open any crouton to adjust settings like the color of an effect or the fade rate of a keyed graphic.

Using Toaster 4.0's powerful and flexible Sequencer, you can arrange croutons to create slide shows, CG segments, show openings, entire shows and much more. System 4.0 also includes a built-in file manager for day-to-day operations.

This is the ToasterPaint you've been waiting for, with an all new interface and powerful new features. Work with antialiased PostScript text—sized, sheared, rotated and painted just the way you want. Or try out the realistic airbrush tool, as well as stencil and real-time alpha support for maximum paint power. Plus, ToasterPaint's ARexx macro shortcuts allow complex graphics operations to be performed automatically.

Character Generator
ToasterCG is more capable and expandable than ever, with the power to size, stretch, and rotate text. Select from dozens of new color and PostScript fonts. Copy and paste text attributes with the touch of a button. In addition, ARexx macros in ToasterCG 4.0 include a spell checker, font sizer, page saver, box maker, EPS loader and more.

LightWave 3D
System 4.0 brings you great advances in LightWave, with features like inverse kinematics, new reflection options, improved image compositing tools, and glow effects. A system of software plug-ins provides for the addition of features like, new surface and image formats or gravity and paricle animation.

LightWave Modeler adds Metaform, a Modeler exclusive that allows you to create organic objects quicker than ever before. Use metric or English measurements anywhere you enter information—Modeler will even do the math for you. Features like multiple undo and redo, new view options and selection tools, and new bevel functions put your 3D model shop in business.

*Video and audio clips require the Video Toaster Flyer, Newtek's nonlinear editor.

Amiga 2000, A2000HD, A2500 or A3000 (requires modification to the case) with 9mb of RAM minimum, 100mb free on hard drive.
Some features require AGA chips in the Amiga.

(NTSC Only, As far as I know they never made a PAL version.)

Comes with Video Toaster 2000 Card, PDF copy of v4.x Manual on CD,
copy of v4.3 Install CD and Disk (with LightWave3D v5.0) and 3 BNC-RCA Adaptors.

All Tested in Excellent Working Condition and Guaranteed Against DOA!


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