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Aladdin 4D v5.0 - 1997 Nova Design 3D Model, Render, Animation for Commodore Amiga

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Aladdin 4D v5.0 3D Model, Render, Animation for Commodore Amiga
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Aladdin 4D v5.0
Copyright 1997 Nova Design, Inc.

Complete 3D modeler, photorealistic renderer and animator for designers, graphic and video artists, who need to produce first class 3D artwork. The unique interface, featuring direct manipulation of objects, 3D perspective editing and realtime response, allows for fast learning and high productivity.

  • 100% Amiga StyleGuide compliant CyberGraphX support
  • Basic Arexx scripting
  • Amigaguide Help System
  • Thumbnail load/save requesters
  • Font sensitive interface
  • Real world coordinates
  • Dolly, Truck, and Pan capabilities
  • Infinite Surface Layering
  • External Tools and Plugins
  • Many image formats and object formats supported for import/export
  • Camera can use one or more targets which control zoom, tilt and direction and even pan from one target to the next, all under spline control
  • Animation of objects via paths and spline paths
  • Paths also control rotation, scaling, mechanical waves, deforms and instancing, and can be linked for complex motion
  • Control splines and envelopes can be used to control all aspects of transitions and animate nearly all attributes of your scenes
  • Animate lights, lens flares, textures, objects, even camera attributes Hierarchical motion paths and targeting abilities
  • Advanced motion controls including Spline Controls, Velocity, Shifting and Scaling
  • Enhanced lens flare controls with complete customization and animation
  • Easy to use gaseous objects. A container is presented in which the actual density of space can be modified. Gases use attribute and texture lists as well as turbulence settings for dramatic effects
  • Fountain particle system allows the creation of endless varieties of particle effects, from fireworks to smoke trails to falling snow
  • Textures. The most complete and easy to use texturing system available allows you to composite any number of bitmaps and/or procedural textures, and animate them along with the strength and effect, including normal, bump, opacity, illumination, genlock and more. Procedural and bitmap sequences are supported. Fully animatable!
  • Lightwave/Toaster compatibility includes Lightwave object import, Zbuffer compositing (Lightwave compatible), Toaster rendering, and framestore load/save
  • Spline modeling tools
  • Surface editing during modeling
  • Easy to use lasso style zoom
  • Extensive modeling tools including Extrude, Path Extrude, Lathe, Bevel, Mirror, Clone, Subdivide and many more!
  • PostScript file importing can load a subset of many Postscript files
  • Draw freehand shapes, or trace over images
  • Work in an unlimited number of layers and spaces
  • Line of sight cutting tool allows complex object creation with ease
  • Create organic objects with spline curve modeling tools
  • Shading can be facet, Gouraud or Phong. Timelines allow object attributes such as reflectivity, color, transparency, hardness to change during the animation
  • Unlimited lights of any type
  • Lights controlled by attribute lists that can be animated to alter color and strength
  • True photo real soft shadows and user optimizable ray traced shadows
  • Conic lights (Spotlights) with full controls and targeting
  • Negative lights
  • Fastest possible rendering available in a 3D package
  • Multi-level super sampling antialiasing
  • User controlled motion blur
  • Fully customizable lens flare and 3D flare objects
  • Render 32-bit images in standard resolutions or in custom resolutions up to 32,000 x 32,000 pixels
  • Generate photorealistic soft shadows
  • Control light attributes including Light Type, Color, Intensity, Falloff, Lens Flare and others
  • Direct support of CyberGraphX, DCTV, Toaster, OpalVision and standard Amiga modes including true color 24-bit IFF!

Computer: Aladdin 4D will run on any properly configured Amiga that has sufficient memory ("ram"), a hard disk drive, a math coprocessor, and a 68020 microprocessor or higher. To do the kind of intensive processing that 3D rendering and animation entails, you'll be much happier with a 68040 or better Amiga. The 68040 and above microprocessors have math capabilities built into the chip, and will work best.

Operating system: Aladdin 4D requires AmigaDOS Version 2.1 or above.

Memory: Aladdin 4D requires a minimum of only 2 megabytes of memory.

Drives: At least one 3.5" Amiga floppy disk drive is required.

Recommended: Aladdin 4D is a professional, calculation intensive 3D rendering and animation program. Although not required for operation, we recommend at least a 68040 processor with math coprocessor, 10 megs of memory and substantial hard drive capacity.

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